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Elopto 2010, 14th - 17th March , Waldthausen Castle, Mainz

Objective and Scope

Established in 1974, the ELOPTO Conference Series is dedicated to the field of colloidal and molecular electrooptics. ELOPTO 2010 is the 12. conference in this series and held under the special theme "Electrooptics – a fresh look at a traditional field". In fact, since its beginnings the field has been considerably expanding and now includes experiments theory and simulations on the electrooptics of liquid crystals, colloidal model systems, polymers and biosystems. It is devoted to fundamental research, wherever electric fields meet optics in this soft matter realm, but also will highlight interesting applications. Topics shall cover transient and stationary optical effects (birefringence, dichroism, light scattering, fluorescence) of static and dynamic force fields in colloidal (including organelles and cells, mono- and multilayers, membranes, pigments, nano- and composite particles etc.) and molecular (including biomolecular, polymeric, and liquid crystalline) systems in bulk, at interfaces or in confinement.

As successfully established, the format will be a three day discussion meeting, this time held with on-site lodging at the 19. century castle of Waldthausen near Mainz. There will be plenary, invited and contributed talks, an all-time-on poster exhibition, a set of round table meetings for specific topics, and ample discussion time in and outside the official schedule. We aim to bring together the accumulated knowledge of the field with novel exciting developments in concept and instrumentation, keen visions with immediate applications. The number of participants is limited to 140 but the participation of younger scientists is particularly encouraged. They shall gain a comprehensive overview on the field, but moreover shall use the platform to present their work to an international audience and discuss it with distinguished senior experts. We are looking foreward to meet you and your work at Waldthausen.





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